• Active Turtle is an experience I wish everyone could have. The studio, which is modest and humble, has been the location my most nourishing and empowering yoga sessions have taken place. This studio offers tremendous diversity to satisfy yogis of all walks, and health and fitness enthusiasts of any style. This is a great location to explore yoga, build a community, and connect with other likeminded people. HL

  • You’ll never wish you didn’t come out.

    No matter how I am feeling before making the decision to do a yoga class, I always always always feel better emotionally, mentally and physically afterwards. Always. JL

  • Going to yoga at Active Turtle in Bala has become a favourite part of my week! I always feel welcome when I get there, peaceful during class, refreshed and restored when I leave.  DG

  • I moved up to Bala a year and a half ago. I love Active Turtle and have always been impressed with Jasmine’s deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy. It flows through all her classes - I have been encouraged by her calm assurance and find her teaching methods motivating. I have grown to love and respect the yogis in class - very welcoming and accepting! I would highly recommend coming and discovering through experience this beautiful space in Muskoka! BA

  • I have chronic pain  every day but find yoga can help me relax and escape for an  hour. SL

  • Hi Jazz, I always tell people that any class with you is like a date with yourself, a very special and important one. 
    Love you.💞💞🙏🕉 . DT

  • Think of your yoga classes in the studio and then image the opportunity to take yoga classes outdoors on a dock in the summer.... it doesn't get any better. Stretch your mind, body and soul in Bala this summer with Jasmine.

  • Instructors are experienced and friendly. Classes are the right price point. Jasmine is a pleasure to have as an instructor. ER

  • Imagine doing a sun salutation facing the ocean with the warmth of the sun increasing on your cheeks as the sun rises in the distance. Now imagine facing a beautiful sunset. Beach yoga is something worth experiencing - you find your body melting into the poses. Participating in Jasmine's first Yoga Retreat in Mexico was a great experience. Our group covered at least a 30 year age spread, included males and females, and individuals with no yoga experience to quite a bit of experience. I never imagined myself doing something like this, but with Jasmine's great organizational skills and attention to detail, I left the planning to her and thoroughly enjoyed a mental break. Your mind and body will thank you during and after this trip. SS

  • Active Turtle offers a variety of Yoga and fitness classes for all levels. Jasmine is a inspiring teacher and her Yoga classes are amazing. I have also been to some of her workshops and loved them. Jasmine welcomes all levels of students into her studio. I am so glad she is in Muskoka! JB

  • I have been going to Active Turtle-mother and baby yoga classes since my baby was 6 weeks, she is now 6 months. The class is amazing and has helped me get back into shape after my pregnancy and also help to keep my head clear and focused so I can give everything I have to my daughter. Jasmine creates a clam and welcoming environment for Mommas and babies. I have also been apart of yoga on the dock which is a MUST in Muskoka. There are no words to really explain the beauty for it, you must experience it for yourself. I will also be having active turtle on the morning of my wedding this summer to do a class on the dock to start the magical day off right. I can't say enough good things about Jasmine and Active Turtle, as I have said "it's a must in Muskoka" . EM

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